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One Time Offer 2 (Ultimate Success Achiever) - $47 (We bill $4.95 first and then the rest 10 days later)

We've tested and tweaked the sales funnel for maximum conversions. We are using a unique triple trial formula and it's getting high frontend conversions of over 4.2%!

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Blog Reviews

Own a blog? Use these blog reviews to promote Brain 2.0

Blog Review 1

If you’re into self-help, you would realize that there are thousands of products out there that range from hypnosis to subliminal technology. So it’s completely understandable for anyone to dismiss Brain 2.0 as just another run-of-the-mill self-help product lost in the thousands of products available in the market out there.

But that’s where you would be mistaken.

Brain 2.0 is the brainchild of Greg Frost, a guru in the self-improvement field who has already released hundreds of products into the market since his foray in the self-help business years ago. With Brain 2.0, he’s gone a different route compared to his other products that are based on subliminal technology. That’s because this time round he has integrated his proprietary brainwave entrainment technology called MAX-TREX into the Unlimited Brainpower MP3, which is just one of the components in the Brain 2.0 system.

What the MAX-TREX technology does is to basically trigger a process in a person’s brain that’s called a Cortical Evoked Response, which enables users of the MP3 to enter states of heightened cerebral activities and unleash various mental capabilities that they wouldn’t normally have access to. These can range from greater intelligence, to enhanced memory retention abilities, or even hyper awareness of the environment around them.

This brainwave entrainment MP3 could arguably be the main selling point of the system, as it has proven to be the most effective tool within the Brain 2.0 package. Dozens of satisfied customers have attested to the MP3’s effectiveness, citing that they’ve seen results in just one or two weeks of continuous use.

The other components that make up the Brain 2.0 package happens to be a very detailed eBook, and an accompanying process map that summarizes the main subjects addressed in the eBook. While comprehensive, concise, and a very interesting read, I personally preferred the Ultimate Brainpower MP3, because I’m not an avid reader. But for those of you who do love to read, you will find that the Brain 2.0 manual eBook is a very interesting read that you may find extremely beneficial once you’ve applied the concepts taught.

If you’re as keen as I am about self-help, then Brain 2.0 is definitely one self-help product you’ll regret missing out on.

Blog Review 2

Being an avid self-improvement enthusiast, I’ve seen dozens of products out there that promise the same thing; better memory, better confidence, better everything. But just as there are dozens of such products, there are about the same number of products that underdeliver.

So if you’re as jaded as I am about such products, you would probably assume Brain 2.0 to be the kind of product that would underdeliver.

That is, if you don’t already know who the brains behind Brain 2.0 is.

Greg Frost is renowned for producing some of the best self-help products on the internet today, and he’s done it again with Brain 2.0, a revolutionary new brain entrainment system that promises to accelerate the evolutionary process of your brain and optimize it to achieve success in practically anything that you set out to do.

How does he achieve this?

The Brain 2.0 System comprises of an eBook, which could be considered the “hands-on” manual that provides a step-by-step guide to how you can prep your brain and recondition it for optimal success in everything that you do.

The eBook is supplemented by a process map that summarizes the entire book in several essential yet succinct points. It also serves as a great reminder for readers who may have felt overwhelmed by the content of the book, or who may have simply forgotten the key points addressed in the manual.

The third component that completes the system is the Ultimate Brainpower brainwave entrainment MP3. Using a proprietary technology called MAX-TREX, this MP3 was designed specially to delve into the heart of the (grey) matter by altering a person’s mental state and induces a phenomenon called a Cortical Evoked Response that allows practically anyone to enter elevated states of increased cerebral activity.

Simply put, the brainwave entrainment MP3 will supposedly boost your brain power.

The selling point of the entire system is that it’s a 3-prong solution to accelerate the evolution of your brain. But does it work?

I’ve personally read the eBook myself, and I found it to be comprehensive, yet concise enough for anyone to grasp the concepts taught within its pages. It’s written in such a way that it could easily be renamed “Brain Guide For Dummies”, and it would still be aptly titled. The techniques in the book are easy enough to apply to one’s daily routine, and if you follow through for at least a week, you should see some remarkable results.

Though the effectiveness of the eBook may have been influenced by the concurrent use of the brainwave entrainment MP3. I must say that I noticed a significant difference in my attention span, alertness, spatial awareness, and memory retention within just two weeks of using the MP3 (on an on-off basis).

As jaded as I am about other self-help products out there, I have to say that Brain 2.0 might be the best product I’ve seen in a while, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone seeking to improve themselves to get that much closer to their own personal successes.

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